A Very Good Day

Today, so far at least, is a very good day. Here’s why:

  • It’s freakin’ gorgeous out. Near 70 and sunny. Just biked through town without a jacket, and it felt great.
  • I just had an excellent interview with an American woman who opened the first American-style coffee shop in Berlin back in 1993. She’s widely credited (or at least credits herself) for the boom in American cafes and restaurants that’s ensued. It’s for a story on the changing American expat scene I’m writing for the FAZ, which should be a fun one. Best of all, I was treated to a delicious home-roasted, home-brewed coffee (which I’d been missing) and an even more delicious “New York special” — lox and cream cheese and tomato and onion on a homemade bagel (which I’d been craving).
  • I’m expecting a story of mine to appear in Foreign Policy magazine today (or sometime soon).
  • And, to top it all off, as I was locking up my bike outside the office just now, I noticed a few guys in suits, and a photographer standing around the back entrance to Dussmann, a big bookstore nextdoor. I decided to see what was going on — and out came Angela Merkel, the German chancellor. Apparently she’d just done some sort of book event inside. I snapped a hasty photo from the back (which I’ll upload later) and watched as she went into a black car. Compared to Washington, where a long, loud motorcade always tips you off to an important politician well in advance, there was shockingly little security or hubbub.

Anyway, let’s see what else the day has in store.

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