At Long Last

My name in print under some German text. The FAZ website has some, um, accessibility issues — even we employees don’t seem to have access to the stories online, begging the question of who does* — but I was able to find a PDF of the page on which my story appears. Click to enlarge:

Oh, yeah, it’s in German. If you don’t read German, well, I assure you, it’s really witty and brilliant. And if you do read German, please play along.

After a slow start, my work’s really piling up now. Expect a few more stories (English and German) in the near future.

Also, for anyone who’s never experienced it, I have to say, it’s a real trip to see your words in a foreign language. I obviously don’t have the best grasp on the finer points of German style, but I think my colleague Anne Waak did a pretty fantastic job on the translation. Thanks, Anne!

*I know, this isn’t technically the proper usage of the expression “to beg the question.” But the proper usage is so limited, and this one so much more useful, that I choose to ignore the rules sometimes.

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3 Responses to At Long Last

  1. SLF says:

    Very impressive– you’ve hit the FAZ jackpot! Congrats.

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