Yet Another Art Tour

Does it mean I’m lazy or enterprising that I keep slapping photos onto the blog? Well, regardless, I’m doing it again. Today was a two-fer (three-fer? two-and-a-half-fer, let’s say). I already gave you a brief taste of the Museuminsel, where most of the city’s great museums are concentrated. But the West wouldn’t really let the East have all the good art, would it? So there’s another museum cluster, known as the Kulturforum, by Potsdamer Platz, west of the ol’ wall.

First on the agenda was the Neue Nationalgalerie, home to a pretty outstanding collection of modern paintings (and some sculpture). Among the highlights are some fantastically grotesque portraits by the German painter Otto Dix:

Sorry, the colors got a little washed out. Same on some of the later photos.

An Ehrlich? Commenter Vita tells me it's a portrait of the art dealer Alfred Flechtheim from 1926. I maintain, though, that he might be a long-lost relative.

Some other highlights:

Max Ernst's "Capricorn"

A cool Dalí.

And the World War II stuff:

The Agitator

The Russian bear fends off the Nazi wolves.

Bombers over Flanders

Horst Strempel's "Nacht über Deutschland" (Night over Germany), part 1: the Nazi

Horst Strempel's "Nacht über Deutschland" (Night over Germany), part 2: the victims

After the Neue Nationalgalerie, a brief stop at the absurd Sony Center, constructed at Potsdamer Platz — a former bustling commercial area that was leveled during the war — in 2000. Here’s what the ceiling looks like — nuff said:

And then a quick visit to the Topographie des Terrors, an open-air World War II museum/memorial running along a decaying section of the wall:

Finally, a stroll through the Gemäldegalerie, showcasing European paintings from the 13th to 18th centuries. Many of them are those Italian gold-plated Jesus paintings that — call me a philistine — are roughly interchangeable to me. But there’s also a good Dutch collection, and there’s strong stuff scattered throughout. Here are a couple good action scenes:

Hephaestus isn't happy to find Ares with his woman. Cupid, on the other hand, is.

A card game gone awry.

All in all, a fantastically pleasant day, in the pleasantest Berlin weather you could reasonably ask for (pushing into the low 60s, occasional sun).

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3 Responses to Yet Another Art Tour

  1. Vita says:

    The Dix portrait is of Alfred Flechtheim, the art dealer (1926). Sorry, couldn´t resist.
    And, now here´s a handy little German word to enhance your aktiven Wortschatz:
    The process of me telling you the exact title of that painting is called “klugscheissen”.


  2. aaronwiener says:

    Danke sehr! I have no problem getting kluggeschissen.

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