Ein Museum, Briefly

Berlin is a dynamic city: Neighborhoods change constantly, trends take hold and then pass, and even museums come and go. Take the Temporäre Kunsthalle — the Temporary Art Hall. It was constructed two years ago in the center of the city, a funny-looking white cube nestled between an ornate old museum, a cathedral, etc. Today is its last day of existence, so yesterday I headed over with one of my roommates and one of her friends to check it out before it was too late.

As a brief aside, this is how my two companions dressed to bike over there. Yes, it’s that fucking cold in Berlin right now:

Anyway. The exhibit there is called FischGrätenMelkStand, which translates roughly to FishBoneMilkingStable. The structure of the thing — glorified scaffolding made of metal, wood, car tires, tube socks, burnt pizzas, and some other stuff — didn’t really do much to clarify the name:

Here, you can see some of the tires, socks, and pizzas, if you look closely:

The view from the other side, with the hour-plus line (only 45 people at a time in the structure; luckily, we got there before it got too packed):

Once we reached the front of the line, it was up the stairs, and then through a series of passageways, stepping over some obstacles, ducking under others — even climbing a ladder at one point. There weren’t really many discrete works of what would traditionally be called art; instead, the structure and its many components were the meat of the exhibit. But here are a few glimpses of what it looked like inside:

I accidentally took a video of this instead of a photo, which is sort of convenient, since it was one of the few moving things:

And, finally, that quintessentially German experience, Schadenfreude:

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One Response to Ein Museum, Briefly

  1. Vita says:

    Schadenfreude – the “quintessentially German experience” ??
    Do you see it that way? Oh dear.
    (My reaction: Weltschmerz.)

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