Check That One Off the List

Nope, haven’t been to the top of the Reichstag yet, or visited the Neue Nationalgalerie. But yesterday, I finally saw the true must-see: the BierBike.

Yup, they’re drinking beer while pedaling down the street. It’s the two most important things to Berliners, in one. There’s really no reason ever to get off.

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3 Responses to Check That One Off the List

  1. SLF says:

    Are they actively pedaling this thing, or just imbibing?

  2. aaronwiener says:

    Oh, they’re actually pedaling. There’s a driver up front doing the steering. But the imbibers are providing most of the horsepower.

  3. Noah says:

    Incredible. I just reposted this on my facebook, since its just so leiden appropriate– bikes and beer, which are what a dutch college town lives off of. Within seconds someone commented and said that there was an identical beer bike here during freshman orientation for the dutch students

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