It’s the Gastronomy, Stupid!

My brother Noah, fresh off the plane in Leiden, Holland, where he’ll soon be starting a year-long master’s program in archaeology, is already gaining valuable knowledge over there — in the form of an answer to my question of why the hell German toilets have this crazy two-tier setup whose resulting splashback leads German women to require their men to pee sitting down.

so i now have a medical history of the reasons that european toilets are 2 tiered, which leads to more splashback and therefore seated peeing.  it has to do with old gastronomic worm illnesses […]

talking with a german biomed student, who told that the top tier in the toilets was there so that you can look at your poop afterwards, and see if you had worms in your shit.  that led to the shelf in european toilets, which leads to splashier peeing

And there you have it: Little gastronomic worms have flipped the animal kingdom hierarchy on its head in Europe and hold dominion over humans. At least human males.

Thanks, Noah. You can go to sleep now.

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2 Responses to It’s the Gastronomy, Stupid!

  1. Noah says:

    As a note: I have not started (and don’t plan to, unless there are complaints) start peeing seated. But one thing that can be done is stand on the side of the toilet, rather than in front, to aim at the lower, waterfilled area. No splashback.
    Don’t try it drunk. Too good a chance you’ll miss

  2. aaronwiener says:

    Huh. That’s a very clever idea. I’ve been attempting to aim straight down into the lower area, which is difficult, and then most of the time wiping up after myself. I’ll definitely try side next time.

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