On Bikes, Horses, and Other Edible Modes of Transportation

Right, so I got a new bike. It’s pretty much the shit. I bought it from a Turkish man who sells bikes, most likely stolen, on a nearby bridge every Tuesday and Friday. It cost me 60 euros, but I can probably recoup most of that when I sell it back before leaving town. Here’s what it looks like:

The bike paths in this city are a godsend. They’re on pretty much every street in my part of town, and they wend freely between the street and the sidewalk. And they have their own little bike traffic lights, which previously existed only in that part of my mind that thinks occasionally about Holland.

So yeah, I biked through Kreuzberg today to the Landwerkskanal (below), where I met up with some people at an Italian restaurant overlooking the canal and ate horsemeat pizza — possibly the best pizza I’ve ever had. Germany has a good reputation in many areas — beer, punctuality, efficiency, beer, soccer, philosophy, classical music, beer, etc. — but food isn’t generally among them. Still, Berlin is so international — I think I’ve spoken five languages to native speakers of them in the past two days alone — that there’s really quite an excellent selection, which I’ve only begun to sample.

Right, that Landwerkskanal photo:

Ok, I admit it, bikes aren’t really edible, and I don’t have any other examples. It just seemed like a good headline at the time.

Bis bald.

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3 Responses to On Bikes, Horses, and Other Edible Modes of Transportation

  1. Lydia says:

    That bike does appear to be the shit. But eating horses is barbaric, dude.

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