German-English Dictionary, Part II

Exhibitionismus (n): So apparently, in Germany it’s legal for women to roam the streets naked, but if men do it, it’s indecent exposure.

Fundbüro (n): Lost and found. In Germany, if you find someone’s ID on the ground, you simply drop it in the nearest mailbox, and it’ll get sent to the person. If you find a credit card, drop it in the mailbox, and it’ll get sent to the person’s bank.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Postal Service is canceling Saturday delivery….

Wohltätigkeit (n): Charity. When you buy anything in a glass or plastic bottle here, you pay a Pfand — a deposit. For glass, it’s 8 (euro) cents; for plastic, it’s 25 cents. Bring an empty bottle to any supermarket, and you get the Pfand back. Which means that many beggars here beg not for money, but for bottles. It’s considered good form to leave empty beer bottles on the street, so someone in need can pick them up and earn some cash.

It also means that if you throw a BYOB party, you can turn a decent profit.

Chili-cheeseburger (n): A cheeseburger with jalapeño slices. Served up in the little Burgermeister shack under my local U-Bahn stop (Schlesisches Tor). Hugely popular, quite delicious. Had my first today. An improvement on Five Guys, I’d say.

Englisch (redux): German class teaches me new expressions in English every day. Yesterday, for instance, I learned that “multitasking” is an adjective — “you’re very multitasking” — and that the key to getting a job these days is “soft skills.” (All the Europeans in the class insisted the latter was a common English term; the other American in the class and I insisted otherwise.)

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2 Responses to German-English Dictionary, Part II

  1. Mark says:

    I went to a huge party in Dresden where they had a pfand on the plastic cups. Needless to say I had no shame in walking around the party collecting stacks of cups all night and drinking for free.

  2. Truskowski says:

    Whoa whoa whoa. An improvement upon Five Guys? Sacrilege! Did it come with the delicious, peanut-oil-fried fries, too?

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